Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What Happened in Vegas

                What happens in Vegas – takes nine years to make it to my blog.  But.  I have excuses.  (Like you care.)  Firstly, I intended to post pictures.  Well I haven’t tracked down the camera cord so I’m throwing in the towel for now.  Secondly, I got a new job and there is a ton to learn. Lastly, I’ve been waiting on my new computer because well, I’ve been trying to use Boyfriend’s lately and it really just threw off my groove.  And we all know how well that works out for me.

                Now – let’s see if I can recall my vacation from two months ago. 

Airline: Southwest –hooray direct flights and your boyfriend getting a kick out of watching The Hangover on the plane on the way to Las Vegas
Hotel: Planet Hollywood – we say yes, stay there if you happen to be shopping in our price point

                Day one – we flew in around 8pm Vegas time.  I couldn’t sleep on my way there since I’m the best girlfriend in the whole entire world  and let my boyfriend have an aisle seat and I flew in the middle, giving up my window nap spot.  We went to dinner and then to the piano bar in New York New York.  If you have not gone there yet.  You must.  It was life changing. Seriously, incredibly entertaining. Aaaand that’s when my body was all “It’s actually 2:30am, my time, I don’t care what your stupid Blackberry says about 11:30pm get me to bed rightthissecond.”  We were like half a mile from the hotel and I’m pretty sure I whined and asked to be carried all the way back.  So much to see and all I care about is sleeping.  Typical.

                Day two – great thing about going west on east coast time is you get to make the most of your first day there.  I woke up at 8am ready to goooo.  I got to experience my first Vegas breakfast buffet.  Worth it’s weight in gold I say.  Then off to tour as many casinos as we could in one day.   We enjoyed a happy hour at a country bar and then headed back to the room to compose ourselves.  From the 36th floor of Planet Hollywood, mid-strip, Mandalay Bay looks like it’s a reasonable walking distance to go see the shark exhibit.  IT. IS. NOT.  Know that.  Sharks were cool – learned I can’t take a single, steady picture after four tall-boy Bud Lights but whatev.  Learned I will whine my way to hopping on the rollercoaster at New York New York after said Bud Lights.  Also learned that Boyfriend is a HUGE fan of souvenir pics.  I loved that day.

                Day three – the first time everyone tried to scare me to death.  We spent the day by the pool since it was a glorious 80-something degrees and met Boyfriend’s brother (who lives out there) for dinner and a trip to Fremont St.  Where all the local crazies hang out.  Also where they set up a life ruining zip line that Joe’s wife insisted we go on.  The thing about this is.  You have to wait in life for like an hour watching all these other people go and risk death, thinking about how safe a zip line built on scaffolding could really be.  And in my case, you have your boyfriend’s brother to capitalize on your fear and offer additional suggestions as to how you may meet your demise.  I was sure to ask the kid strapping me in if I was going to die.  He said something about not wanting to be charged with second-degree murder.  Which, coincidentally, I found concerning that he was so specific about which degree of murder my question was going to result in. I didn’t die.  I didn’t look down either.  I don’t want to ever do that again.

                Day four – more pool, dinner at the Wynn, swing by Treasure Island to watch them sink the pirate ship the singing hookers choreographed by the High School Musical guy dance around, tickets for Cirque de Solei, and crossyourfingers he’ll forgot about the Stratosphere rides.

                Wynn was to-die-for, Treasure Island was amusing, Cirque? I…didn’t get it.  It was super neat.  I can’t believe those people can do those things.  But.  I didn’t get it. And that’s when someone was all – well we’re so close to the Stratosphere we have to go.

                This is the part when you note the lack of alcohol in my evening to deter my rational fear of hanging out thousands of feet over Las Vegas and hoping for the best.  I rode one ride.  My heart almost stopped.  And I almost fell down the stairs getting off of it because my legs were so shaky.  He ended up gifting some teenagers suckers on our way out with free tickets to the other rides.  He took some pictures of the view while we were up there, I stared at the ice in my glass.

The kid told me to smile.  I said no.

                In summary, yes – stay in the middle of the strip, or the Venetian or Caesars Palace, but for regular people like us, Planet Hollywood is awesome.  You do not have to drink your face off or walk into a single “club” to have a great time.  Yes – go see the lions and the tigers and the dolphins.  Yes let your boyfriend buy all the souvenir pictures he can.  But you definitely should go into the mall there – grab a fruity rum drink as tall as you are and wander around looking at things you could never afford. Yes, put ten dollars in a slot machine – win more than I did.  And YES – go to Vegas for four days and take me with you.  I’ll show you the good stuff…from ground level.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Rain Drops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens"

    I am a HAPPY, HAPPY girl these days.  And while whiskers on kittens are no concern of mine, and coincidentally would probably do the opposite of making me happy if they were all in my face, I have other things that are brightening my days.
     Firstly, I didn't die in Las Vegas.  Woot.  And Boyfriend is all "I told you you wouldn't die."  And I'm all - "you didn't know that for sure."

     We had So. Much. Fun. on our first vacation together.  The weather was perfect. We enjoyed our hotel.  We saw everything.  He bought ALL the souvenir pictures.  He managed to con me into an upside down roller coaster at New York, New York, a zip line over Fremont Street, and ONE of the super scary and way too high rides.  He bought tickets for all three since you have to do that from the bottom.  So a couple of kids got free tickets when I told him there was no way in hell I was getting on another one.  And I don't think I said it that nicely.  Anyway - I think I will recap the whole Vegas trip in it's own post.  Because there is so much.  And I do have pictures - if I can figure out how to put them on a computer.

   Takeaways:  1.) Didn't die.
                       2.) You should go there and see the dueling piano show.

     Secondly, I finally got a new J-O-B.  And I am this kind of excited.  I have been praying for a new job for months and months and months and I couldn't be more grateful to get a new opportunity.  Remember when you were going to college and you were supposed to choose what to do for the rest of your life after like one year?  Well I think I was close - accounting is fine and all.  But I think I just need something a little different.  So Financial Analysis is what I'm pursuing.  Change is good. And scary.  But mostly good.

   Takeaways: 1.) Don't worry I have not tried to physically do a cartwheel - I just keep doing them in my head.
                       2.) I keep seeing Katy Perry-ish videos in my head, (less the annoying, over-played lyrics) but bubble gum and cotton candy and lollipops.

Kind of like this.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Revisiting Day 8 - Because Apparently Someone Forgot

                Soooo…remember when I specifically said, first and foremost, before getting eaten by sharks or using a supermarket pen, I AM AFRAID OF HEIGHTS.  You do?  Thank you for paying attention.  Apparently Boyfriend needs to print out my blog posts. Or. Start listening when I say things. And I say a lot of things. I’ll accept either.

                Just in case he chooses the former I may even buy him a nice highlighter set for his stocking this Christmas so he can note the extra important things.

                We leave for Las Vegas on Thursday night. (yaaaay.)  I am pumped for 85 degrees, pools, winning a million dollars, the Bellagio Fountains, and meeting Bradley Cooper and the rest of the Hangover gang.  What? They’re not always there? 

                Now, like I said,Boyfriend has been there at least a million times visiting his fam.  So he is playing tour guide.  And he sends me this link yesterday.  He then says “we’re doing all three rides.”

                I open it and read the tagline: “Vegas without a net.”

Me: …  
Me: No.
Him: Yes we are. I have the whole thing planned out.
Me: Not going to happen…pal.
Him: It’s a must-do for tourists.
Me(Reading more of the site that says “Are you a thrill seeker or a bystander"):  I’m a bystander.
Him: You’ll be a different person after.
Me: The kind of person who needs Xanax to cross the street for the rest of her life?
Him: There’s a bar up there. You’ll be fine.
Me: I hope I throw up in your face.
Me: If you’re sleeping in the parking garage no one is going to feel bad for you – it will be your own fault.
Him: We’re doing all three.

                After further review. I can. not. for the life of me, figure out how someone, anyone, let alone the man who knows me best, would open that particular link and thinks “Oh Rach is going to LOVE this!” 

               I seriously have sweaty palms and my heart is pounding just telling you about the thought of being dragged up that high.  Also, if. IF. I was to agree to this, against my better judgement, and only after writing an updated will, I got on ONE of those rides.  What are the odds I get on TWO more?  One co-worker reviewed his recent experience on them as “the most scared he’s been in his whole entire life.” Then proceeded to tell me “You have to do it.” 


Have you guys been on it?  Will I live to talk about it?  Can you think of a million other things I should do with my time and money that do not involve me leaving the ground.  You know.  High aversion to risk and all.  Please let me know.  Like before I leave Thursday – I will need alternative suggestions, ideally nowhere near this tower of terror.

PS. If I do manage to  make it home alive.  My bestie gave me a camera.  And I’ve never owned one before.  And Boyfriend hates pictures.  So I told him we’re only taking pictures of our faces. And kissing.  And he is not happy about it.  But I will have pictures.  For you.  That is, if I live.  Send me your ideaaaaas. Or your Xanax. Thanks.

Oh hey look - the opposite of FUN.

Friday, October 14, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 14

Day 14 – Favorite Places to Eat

                Turns out eating like you’re training for a half-marathon but not running like you’re training for one is not the best combination when you may or may not have a pool chair waiting for you in Las Vegas in less than a week.  That being said, I love to eat.   I like to cook for us.  But I like to eat out too.

Fave middle of the week, haven’t gone shopping yet, place to grab dinner quick:

Sophie’s Pita and Grill
Tiny, little mom and pop Greek place right in Niagara Falls.  They gyros are to. die. for.  I don’t even have to tell them what to make when I walk in there.  Probably means we get food there too often. (If that’s even possible.)  Seriously.  So yummy. 

Fave Friday night dinner place:

Waterstreet Landing
Scenic Lewiston, NY.  Right on the Niagara River.  Five dollar fish fry the size of my head.  Everybody wins.  Especially me.  One time we tried to switch up the Friday routine and go to the new Olive Garden.  Big mistake.  Huge. Don’t mess with a good thing.  Stick to the fish fry.

New fave drive down into Buffalo for a nicer dinner during restaurant week or when I find a Groupon place:

We don’t often drive all the way to Buffalo just for dinner.  But last time we went, we drove here.  And it was worth it.  Fried duck wings for an appetizer followed up by crab stuffed fish for me and some chicken thing for him.  Could not have been happier.  I like it there.  A lot.

Western NY has so many delicious places to eat.  And since most of you don’t live here I will taunt you no longer with what could have been.  All I’m saying is.  I better get a fish fry tonight.  Because that’s definitely going to help my bathing suit situation.
Happy Weekend.

Except I prefer mashed potatoes. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 13

Day 13 - Something I'm Looking Forward To

    Well.  Now that the half marathon is over I find myself void of purpose.  Seriously.  I feel empty.  For all the dread and worry and trepidation I had for those 13.1 miles I'm sad it's over.  Wait. What?

     I couldn't be more pleasantly surprised by how well I feel I did.  My goal was between 10 and (please God don't let me be that slow) 11 min miles.  But I didn't train as consistently as - perhaps my sister did and I wanted to set an attainable goal. 10:07 spilts people. Two hours and 12 mins of running.  And.  And.  Those B-words.  Miles 11-12 was straight up hill.  I was cursing everything sacred as each turn revealed yet another hill.  Fortunately, the course nearly redeemed itself with a downhill final mile.  When I saw the group of people and started to kick it in I had two thoughts 1.) No Rach, if you are crying when you finish someone will think you're injured so cut the crap. 2.) That better actually be the finish line and not the food tent because I've got nothing left.  It was.  I was emotional.  Sister was the first person I saw and I could not be happier we did it.

   So now what.  We choose a different one?  We def do not train for a marathon.  This girl has a sensible appreciation for all things mediocre.  Why strive for glory when I feel accomplished half way there?  Just saying.

   Back to the original question.  I am looking forward to vacation.

   We are going to Las Vegas next month.  I have never in my whole entire life been west of the Mississippi River.  I am thrilled to be going now.  With Him.

Boyfriend: "Are we going to high five when we cross the Mississippi?"
Me: "Yea I guess. If I'm awake.  You know I like sleeping on planes."

    We have yet to determine where we are going to sleep though.  And that is starting to give me anxiety.  I wrote up a whole spreadsheet of options.  Now *someone* just needs to make a decision.  You see, he's been there like a hundred times as he has family there.  So I don't feel quite qualified to be making executive decisions.

Boyfriend: "Pick a place you like."
Me: "It all looks magical."
Boyfriend: "Please don't go all Hangover on me and ask the desk if the "real Caesar lived here?" or "Is this hotel pager friendly?"
Me: "I'm not making any promises."

    I'm so very much looking forward to this trip also because this whole year we have been unable to coordinate vacation days.  If I take a day he has to work, if he takes some days I have to work, if we both take some days he has things to do.  We are finally taking some days, together, to be together.  

And to be honest.  We wouldn't have to go anywhere west of the Mississippi River to make me happy.  I'm just excited to enjoy some time being with just him.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 12

Day 12 - My Dream House
    As you may or may not recall, I watch a borderline excessive amount of HGTV.  The home buying shows are some of my faves.  Property Virgins, House Hunters - any show that's going to provide me with a variety of houses to look at and long after is good with me.  Boyfriend had already gone through the home buying process long before I met him so I won't have the opportunity to have a dream home for a few more years.  I do, however, have my list of non-negotiables.

  • On suite bathroom with two sinks. And I'm not talking those trendy spa looking bucket sinks.  I want two sinks with counter space.  And if there happened to be a rain drop shower head in there I would not stand opposed.
  • Two - car garage.  Currently we have one.  I don't get to use that.  Sometimes my car gets started for me in the winter.  Sometimes it doesn't.  So we need space for mine too.
  • Counter space.  I have approximately three feet now - total.  This doesn't work for me.
  • Outdoor space.  Living in a region where one must make the most of nice weather we certainly do so.
  I like the open floor plan and the hardwood floors, in theory - turns out you hear dog's nails reeeeally well on that particular surface and that generally makes me irritable.  I'm fine with a giant closet because I happen to have more than two dresses and 'too many' shoes. (Like that's possible.)  We have to have a fenced in yard because apparently there will always be a dog in my life.  We don't need entertaining space - because "we're not hosts."
  So I told Boyfriend when we're on House Hunters looking for our next house...and he interrupts me with "never in my life am I going to be on tv with you."  Apparently he thinks that I'm going to fall in love with every house I see and then blow up his spot on the negotiation front with some comment like "I love it. Where do we sign?" Or "SOLD."  Whatever.  

  Anyway - via Pinterest here are some homes that I'd pay the asking price for.  If I ever win the lottery or something.

    A girl can dream can't she?

   PS.  Today is my baby blog's first birthday.  So obviously the discussion when I announced this to Boyfriend last night went something like this:

"Guess what."
"Tomorrow is my blog's first birthday."
"Oh.  Blogs have birthdays?"
"Well actually - they are technically called 'blogiversaries.'"
"Please never say that word again in real life."
"I'll trade you 'blogiversary' for 'uber.'  See? This is why I said 'blog birthday' I knew you'd hate the real word."

  Happy Birthday baby blog.  You may just even get a face lift as a present.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 11

Day 11 - A Bible Verse

     Originally I had a whole post planned out in my head for the Bible verse post about watching my words.  And then yesterday I learned another lesson. 

                I go to grad class twice a week after work, in downtown Buffalo.  This semester, my professors love being professors and therefore keep the class right through the allotted time.  As I leave at 8:45pm it’s quite dark and this week, mostly rainy.  I also have been struggling, as of late, to establish my eating schedule while attending class.  Boyfriend and I generally don’t eat till after 7pm sometimes as late as 9pm – we’re snackers.  Chips (Salt & Vinegar) are a staple on the grocery list.  So we snack when we get home from work and we don’t eat till later.   However, when class starts at 6 I’d either have to eat at 5:30 or 9:30.  Both options are horrible.  As a result I chose, yesterday, to wait till after - and part of me is hoping that is why yesterday happened?  Anyway.


                Yesterday, was the day after I had run another eight miles.  Yesterday, I wore an outfit, while not one for a magazine, I felt quite confident in.  Yesterday, I wore my fave J. Simpson pumps.  Yesterday, was cool slash rainy enough to wear my fave White House Black Market trench coat.  Therein lies my problem.   Now, when I wear this particular coat I feel hottt.  (Yes. With extra “t’s” )  I know that’s totally silly.  Who feels hottt in a coat?  Me.  And I felt good leaving class.  Nailed the first quiz.  My coat on.  Cute shoes.  My freakishly long hair blowing behind me in the wind. (I think there was wind. But. It might have been in my head.) Anyway I felt awesome walking to my car in the parking garage in the dark on Main St. in downtown Buffalo.  And that's when I fell off the curb. And almost onto my face.  And I bruised my pinky on my left hand.  And the girl walking two steps in front of me pretended not to notice.

                Needless to say, my Bible verse for today is this:
                Proverbs 16:18 (NIV): Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.

                Note. ed.

                And I totally should have expected this.  I just started reading 1000 Gifts on my Kindle and it’s definitely speaking to my heart.   Ridiculous of me to give myself so much credit.  Anyway.  I think I’ve learned my lesson.  Pride doesn’t pay.  And a thankful heart leads to ultimate joy.

That's my coat.  I'm not one for dark lipstick though.  Or any lipstick.  I like gloss.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Read and Respond. Please and Thanks.

                We interrupt your regularly scheduled mostly unpredictable 30 Day Challenge because I need your help to prove me right. 

                Last night we were talking about some of our more compulsive behaviors - or as I like to call mine, endearing qualities.  Mine is this:

                Balances that I control must end in Zero or Five.  Like pumping gas.  Doesn’t matter if it’s 13 degrees out I’ll stand there till I get it right.  Or making a credit card or a school loan payment.  I pay the difference in pennies to make the residual balance a zero or a five.  Boyfriend says I inherited some kind of crazy gene and I say I don’t like the numbers one through four and six through nine so whatever.

                But we got to my crazies because we were talking about his crazies.  His are two-fold:

                He checks the thermostat like 35 million times before he leaves the house.  But whatever.  If it makes him feel better – carry on.

                More importantly, he will not use a shower towel more than once to dry himself.  Never.  Will not happen.  I say towels can be used and hung to dry to be re-used again before they need to be washed.  I think a two time minimum is normal. Erroneous – so he says.    Thank God he does his own laundry.  He also gets super anxiety when the towel drawer is not full to the top with clean towels.  He gets all “where are you hiding the towels?”  “Why are you a towel hoarder?”   What? There are like seven clean towels in the drawer how is this a crisis?  And he’s all “because I don’t want to have to use paper towels to dry myself next time I shower.”   So that’s when I stare at him like he just told me he bought me a pet monkey.

Our conversation circled back to how if he used towels two times then we would not run out so quickly.  And he’s all “I don’t care what you say towels are single use only and you should do your laundry more often.” And then I’m all “Why?  I have enough clothes to not do laundry for like a whole quarter of a year so you should consider yourself lucky I do it every other week.”  Man do I hate folding laundry.  However, I do have to admit I’m on the single use towel plan now too – but that’s because if I hang up my towel in the bathroom it’s gone and in the laundry with his the next day anyway.

And since we were disagreeing already I asked him why the toothpaste looked like he put it on the floor and tap danced on it before placing it back in the cabinet?  That's how mangled it was and it's more than half full tube.  Blows my mind.  He called me a judger and told me to go to sleep.

                Anyway, here’s why I need your help. I need you to tell me who wins the crazies competition.  And also if you agree with him or me about single use bath towels.  Actually, if you do agree with him don’t tell me.  But feel free to share your compulsive tendencies to make me and my zeros and fives feel better about ourselves.

Source: via Ana on Pinterest

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 10

Day 10 - Something I Don't Leave the House Without 

  Easy. Blackberry. Next Question.

  I grew up only knowing life with mobile phones, now my first one ever was one of those plastic toy looking ones that was for emergencies only after I got my license.  But I got my first 'real' phone as a freshman in college and my first smart phone three years ago and I can't imagine life without.  I ask Boyfriend all the time to enlighten me because, well, being a tiny bit older than me, he grew up before cell phones.  

Me: Um.  How did you find where to meet people?
Him: You picked a spot and met them there.
Me: Impossible.

Me: You went on spring break in Panama City, FL with like eight guys? How did everyone make it home?
Him: It's not hard to find a group of guys on a beach.
Me: Lies.

Me (at the park up in Sherkston where all the children drive golf carts around unsupervised): Um what if your kid didn't come home when you told them to?
Him: You had to go find them - there's only so many places they could be.
Me: Sounds like a lot of walking.

Him (some random story from college): So then I had to run around the corner to the pay phone and call my Gram.
Me:  HAHA - what's a pay phone?

  Anyway - I can't function without mine.  Like super anxiety.  When we go to Canada for the day I have to text my sister way in advance to let her know I'LL HAVE NO PHONE ALL DAY LONG.  And then I forget and try to look at Facebook and Verizon is all - that will cost you $17.00.  So I could leave the house less a purse. I just can't ever leave without my phone, even if I'm spending the day in Canada and it will be off.  At least you know how to get a hold of me now.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 9

Day 9 - My Favorite TV Shows

    Back before I was dating Boyfriend I hardly ever watched TV.  I'd rather play on the internet and listen to music.  But now I'm dating a man who pays for basic cable as "TV Insurance" in case, the DirecTV happens to fail on important days like game seven of the World Series or during the Super Bowl. (I can't make these things up.) So as you can imagine, we watch a lot of TV in our free time.  As a result I can easily answer today's topic.

    There really is only one answer to this question.  True Blood.  This is another thing we can credit Boyfriend with.  I've mentioned before that I love this show.  I said I wouldn't.  I said I don't *do* vampires.  Turns out - that is not exactly true.  I still don't do sparkle-y vampires.  I'm already sad because there are only three episodes left of the 2011 season.  And while I haven't been overly enthusiastic about some of the story lines I still can't to watch it every Sunday night.  And Boyfriend loves to ask me questions during and I'm all 'shhh I haven't watched this episode twice yet - no talking' in my head.  In real life I answer his questions nicely.  And I really do watch each episode twice each week.  Whatever.  But if you're looking for a new guilty pleasure in your life - I'm telling you, this is it.

    A close second would be Modern Family - have you seen it?  Best dialogue on TV right now.  Makes us laugh out loud.  Makes me cry every now and again - I just love happy endings. Wednesday nights on ABC.  They're Wednesday night line up is actually mostly flawless.  At least it was last year.  But Modern Family is easily our fave.  If you've missed the first seasons Hulu it, Netflix it, you have time before season three starts this fall.
    And lastly, Wheel of Fortune.  Don't judge me.  I love it.  I want to be on that show.  Boyfriend said we can't do the couples one because he's better at Jeopardy.  I'll go by myself.  I practice all the time on Facebook.  Last time I checked they weren't accepting any new auditions.  But I'm convinced they'd let me walk on if they're on site in Vegas when we're there in October.  Don't you think?

   What are your favorite shows?  Are we missing out on anything?  And no one talk to me about reality TV - those things raise my blood pressure.


Monday, August 22, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 8

Day 8 - Something I'm Afraid Of

     Ohh man - how can I pick just one thing.  Maybe I should write about the things I'm not afraid of.  That would certainly be the shorter list.  None of my fears are in any way debilitating - I mean I can pray my way to the top floor in an elevator like the best of them.  These are things that, given the opportunity to practically avoid, I will do so.
  • Heights
  • Elevators
  • Airplanes
  • Big dogs
  • Little dogs that bounce
  • Cats that sneak up on me
  • Picking up our chicken wings from downtown Niagara Falls in the dark
  • Being alone in the house overnight with only a dog who thinks he's a cat as protection
  • Germs - this results in my going through gallons of hand sanitizer after touching any of the following:
    • ATM
    • Gas Pump
    • Pens
    • Credit Card Machines
    • Door Handles
    • Shaking someone hand - this is why I can never be on Wheel of Fortune.  Because when I win, Pat likes to hold your hand to guide you through the bonus round and I'd lose because all I would think about is needing soap and water.  Boyfriend also says I lack the enthusiasm necessary to be on the show.  I said I would call and ask anyway.
  • Speaking of, I do not make phone calls unless absolutely necessary.  So I'd have to email Wheel of Fortune.
  • Driving with the doors unlocked
  • Not having my ID on me when someone else is driving - what if no one knows to call my sister if there was an accident?
  • Not having my Blackberry on me
  • Any adventurous activity that does not involve walking - we're still deciding on snorkeling.  But that one guy I read about did just get eaten by a shark doing that sooooo. Boyfriend also suggested scuba diving once and I mentioned that bride whose groom drown her in Australia.  He promised he won't turn off my oxygen so I guess we could give it a try.
  • Drinking milk past the sell by date

No thank you.

    I'm sure there are more. I realize these are mostly irrational.  I just have an aversion to risk.  Boyfriend thinks it's funny.  Good thing huh?

Friday, August 19, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 7

Day 7 - Favorite Movies

       As I've stated before, I haven't seen as many movies as you have.  I also am not making much progress in that department as I prefer to watch ones I have seen over and over again.  But here are five of my very favorites:

"Rule #76: No excuses. Play like a champion! "
Wedding CrashersWe only watched this every day my last semester in college and it will always hold a special place in my heart.  Plus - I heart Vince Vaughn.

"Hey guys, when's the next Haley's comet? "
The Hangover - Comedic perfection really.  Shmeh on the second one obv.  But the first on is a classic - absolutely timeless.  Plus - I heart Bradley Cooper.

"Sheriff, this is no time to panic." "This is a perfect time to panic! "
Toy Story -  Probably my favorite childhood movie ever.  The last one of the trilogy made me cry.  Ok makes me cry even though I've seen it three times.  Boyfriends laughs at me.  

 "And none for Gretchen Wieners, bye."
Mean Girls Quite possibly one of the most quotable movies of all time.  Ahh for the good old days when Lindsay Lohan was young an innocent.  Plus this is one chick flick Boyfriend will tolerate my watching.

"And the hits just keep on coming."
A Few Good Men The first time I saw this movie I laughed so hard during Tom Cruise's drunk temper tantrum that my mother came in to see what we were watching.  She insists that it wasn't intended to be a comedy.  I say - what's not hilarious about a sarcastic temper tantrum that is not directed at me?

Source: via Alli on Pinterest

Thursday, August 18, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 6

Day 6 - A Picture of Something That Makes Me Happy

      Lots of things make me happy.  Thanks to Pinterest I have already identified many pictures that bring me joy.  Coincidentally - if you have yet to become a Pinterest addict you should let me know and I'll give you the invite.  Heroes, these people who thought of it.  

Lilacs - boy do I love lilacs.  Such a shame they only bloom for like four days.

Dresses - and this summer, along with the rest of the globe, gray dresses in particular.  Also,  I do not prefer to spell the color like Grey's Anatomy which I keep seeing everywhere.  It is, in fact, an accepted spelling but I'll stick with the way I learned in grammar school - I'm not British after all.

Source: None via Rachel on Pinterest

Ice Cream - ice cream makes my world go round.  It's also been used as form of bribery on occasion.  I wish I could eat only ice cream for the rest of my life.

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

My Sister(s) - I'm blessed with five.  But I definitely can't live for one whole day without at least checking in with my BFF.  Thankfully we chat mostly all day long via text.  xoxo.

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Him - we all know he makes me happy.

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

So there you have it - a few things that make me happy via Pinterest.  And seriously.  If you haven't hopped on there to see what it's all about, let me know.  You'll love it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 5

Day 5 - A Song to Match My Mood

   When I decided to do this "30 Day Challenge" thing - I was all "oh not having to think of topics to write about will make my life so much easier."  WRONG.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 4 (heh)

Day 4: My Parents

                My sister and I have this understanding.  It took years to figure out the formula.  But.  We are best of friends as long as we do not share a bedroom.  We can share an apartment.  We can share a bathroom.  We cannot sleep in the same room.   Similarly, my relationship with my parents is much more functional long distance.  It’s like magic really.  This is the story of how I learned that being a huge b-word is not the most effective way to interact with my parents.

                For some reason, yet to be understood by me, American culture insists that 17 year old children -with life experience comparable to that of a lab rat, must sit down and decide what it is they want to do with the rest of their whole entire life and then proceed to invest thousands of dollars, and if you’re dumb like me and go the private school route, possibly the life of a first born child, to spend four years learning how to do that.  Well when it was my turn to make such decisions, I was determined to move far away from home.  I narrowed it down to two options.  Pittsburgh, PA or Niagara Falls, NY (I had no 518 options).  It took me a full year to make friends, to adjust to college and then I stayed in Western NY.  One, because I got a job.  Two, because I knew there was no way I was going back from where I came from.  Years of homeschooling and a bunch of younger siblings still at home did not sound like the place for this fledgling college graduate.
           My family does most of it’s communicating non-verbally.  And as such we have an unspoken agreement.  I do the visiting.  Not the other way around.  I absolutely dread the drive.  It’s just long enough to be annoying.  Unless Jumpin’ Jacks ice cream is in season and I manage to make it into town during business hours. 
         I got a chance to see everyone this past weekend.  Plus the extended family.  Whom I’ve had the privilege of seeing much more of than usual with the influx of weddings that has been 2011.  It’s been an eventful year thus far.  Some good, some awesome, some less than awesome.  It is so nice to know that there is one place I will be eternally welcome – the arms of my parents.  Thank you both for your enduring love.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 3

Day 3: My First Love

            Initially when I read the assignment I was all, no, no I do not want to tell you people about my first boyfriend and his popped collars, coordinating clothes and more expensive shoe collection than most self-respecting men.  I don’t see how this is valuable information.  Also, it’s embarrassing. 

            Then I thought – oh I’ll tell you about *my* shoes.  Until I remembered I used to be home schooled and I only wore Adidas sneakers or chunky black boots for like four full years so, while I have put in a valiant effort to redeem myself over the years that’s also embarrassing.

Except my faves were all patriotic - Red White and Blue

            I could write about my sister, my best friend and probably my favorite person in the whole entire world.  But that doesn’t quite seem appropriate either. 

Anyway I Googled and I found this quote:
We always believe our first love is our last, and our last love is our first.” - Francois La Rochefoucauld
            No idea who that guy is but he seems to have it figured out. That being said, I think it’s true.  I may have thought I was in love in high school or college, but clearly I was not.  Now I am.  So I’ll tell you about him.

            He’s smart and funny and stubborn.  He only wears blue or gray.  He’s passionate about his dog and the Miami Dolphins.  Change does not become him. He thinks I use too much liberty in my story telling on this blog and has threatened more than once to write “The Short Cut.”   He thinks he might be Larry Bird on the basketball court.  He grills for me all summer and is the best about doing the dishes when I cook.  I’ll never have to do yard work – because he thinks I’ll chop off my left foot with the lawn mower or hit the house with the snow blower.  He’s sweet in the most sensible of ways and makes me happier than I’ve ever been before in my life.  I’m grateful everyday, for him, and that he chooses to love me.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 2

Day 2: Meaning Behind Blog Name

          Taking The Long Way Around – to be honest I was inspired by the Dixie Chicks song cleverly entitled “Taking the Long Way Around.”  Ok, I didn’t say the name of my blog was original to me.  I’m not that creative.  But I will tell you why I found that song fitting. Ever heard it?
Let’s start with the most obvious:

My friends from high school
Married their high school boyfriends
Moved into houses in the same ZIP codes
Where their parents live

But I, I could never follow
No I, I could never follow

Do I even need commentary on that?  Can we say  And if that’s what you chose, then I’m happy for you (we don’t judge here).  I can’t.  Never could.  I went to college, settled in, and I haven’t looked back.  Well I mean I go back.  To see the fam.  Not to live there.  Western NY is my home now.  Feel free to come visit.  If it’s warm out, I’ll show you Niagara Falls.  If not, you’re on your own.

The song is about making your own way, making mistakes, sorting it out, figuring it out.  I wish I had it all figured out, but alas, that is not the case.  After four years of college, friends made, friends lost, jobs, trying to have a puppy, giving said puppy back to my parents, meeting my boyfriend, and heading back to grad school I might have hoped to have a plan by now.  I don’t.  I have a 3-5 year plan.  That interestingly enough, continues to be 3-5 years away even though I keep getting older.  But I do know that my life already has been planned for me, by someone much smarter than I.  So maybe, I’ll keep blogging and we can all see what happens and how I get to where ever it is that I am supposed to be, whenever I find out where that is.  In the mean time.  I’ll blog now, about my life and where I am today.

Also, I’m not necessarily a Dixie Chicks fan, per se.  But.  This song made it on like 78% of my mix cds over the last five years or so.  It’s a good one.  Enjoy.

Monday, July 25, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 1

                Day 1: Introduction, Recent Picture, and 15 Interesting Facts

As we all know, I’ve been the ultimate blogging slacker for the past few weeks.  In an effort to remedy this little situation I am going to do one of these 30 days of blog post challenges.  I snagged it off of this other post  after reading through four Google search pages to find one that didn’t include me posting pictures of my life every other day because I don’t take pictures of my life and how boring would 17 out of 30 posts be if I just answered the question with nothing? 

I’d like to say I’ll post for 30 days straight but let’s be serious – with my track record that prob won’t happen.  Can’t hurt to try though right?  How’s that for an introduction?

Recent Picture –well if I invited you here through the book of face then you can reference that picture.  And if not, I used to look like this, last year, back when I worked out a lot.  Whatever.  Like I said – picture taking is not something I remember to do. 

Ignore that weird armpit fat.  Thanks.

Interesting Facts -  Interesting, by definition, means engaging or exciting and holding attention or curiosity.  Not sure this list qualifies.  Also, this list was surprisingly difficult for me to put together.

1.       I started biting my nails again.  It’s horrible.  I must stop.  But life got stressful.

2.       I told my friend’s husband I was turning 25 on this year’s birthday.  Six hours later I remembered that I turned that last year.  I hear these kinds of things happen with age?

3.       Half marathon training is not really going super awesome by myself.

4.       I have an online shopping addiction.  Thankfully I don’t necessarily spend all my money, I just fill the online carts with all my hopes and dreams.  However, I do often buy shoes.

5.       I want to be friends with Kate Middleton.

6.       If my freezer was full of all the mint chocolate ice cream combinations in the world it probably would not be enough.

7.       I am determined to accessorize my outfits.  Unfortunately, mornings do not promote creativity for me and I generally forget.

8.       I swore I would never watch anything vampire related.  Turns out, that wasn’t exactly a truthful statement.  Twelve vampire novels and 3.5 seasons later I find myself wishing Pam and I could be BFF’s.  Man do I love True Blood.

9.       I only like to movies I’ve already seen before.  Which, as you can imagine, presents quite the dilemma.

10.   I nap almost every day of my life.  I’m not willing to give this up any time soon.  I’ll have no choice when classes start again in the fall.

11.   I’ve done my best to only wear dresses to work for the entire month of July.  I’ve been mostly successful.

12.   My niece finally chose to say my name.  She’s been able to all along.  I know it. 

13.   Boyfriend thinks we need two dogs.  I still think we need zero dogs.  He says I secretly like Prince.  I say I don’t know where he’d come up with such a crazy idea.

14.   I found a nice Baptist church to attend these days.  They have great music there. 

15.   If it snows again this winter, it will be too soon.  You won’t catch me whining about this heat.  It may be the only thing I don’t whine about.

That list seriously took me like an hour.  What a struggle.  I'll prob think of twenty-seven more things to add to that list thirty seconds after I hit post.  I promise I'll try to come back for day two tomorrow.  Cross your fingers.