Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Stream of Consciousness

                Apparently everyone’s coherency is questionable, as of late.  I managed not to remember half the things I needed to do before I flew out of town this weekend.  And my sister managed to wear one brown boot and one black boot to work yesterday.  So, for me, that’s just about everyone and clearly we’re all losing it.

                Of course she has an excuse or three, getting engaged at Christmas may have something to do with it.  Or the fact that she’s moving.  Or her two year old, who seems to have a bit of a crush on my boyfriend, probably requires a bit of attention.  Me?  I don’t really have any excuses.

                Classes started this week – I was completely and entirely unprepared.  Left my laptop at home that day and I didn’t even have a notebook to write on.  I did want to try that new InkJoy pen I keep seeing commercials about anyway – but the drug store I went to did not have it available.  I’m still in the market if anyone knows where I can find one.  I am no longer looking for a notebook though – since they had plenty to choose from.

                I found out on Monday that the 9AM flight that I had thought I booked home for Monday was not an AM anything and most certainly a PM flight and now I’ll be getting home around midnight – so Boyfriend was super happy about that little development.  Yay extra day with my BFF though.

                I was forced to eat all my food with a spoon at work this week because I forgot to pack a fork every day except for one.  Thankfully I have had a box of plastic spoons in my desk for oatmeal eating purposes and also for yogurt.  I hate eating things with forks aside from the aforementioned items.  And also ice cream and cereal, obv. 

                I got to the airport today.  Purel-less.  This is a tragedy.  I only wash my hands like nine gazillion times a day when soap and water is available. Purel is a temporary substitute until I can find some soap.  But I was late leaving work, and I left it in my car and I think that will be the first thing I buy when I arrive in Atlanta. 

                Speaking of late leaving work – once again Boyfriend not exactly super pumped having to wait in the parking lot for, I believe he said twelve minutes, before I could run out the door.  When it comes to airports and arriving early, this is one place he’s more anxious than me.  Apparently even when he’s not the one doing the flying.

                Boyfriend’s birthday is coming up.  He hates his birthday.  I love to celebrate his birthday.  The same is true when my birthday rolls around.  Not that I hate it, I’m just generally indifferent.  But I’m between the golden age of 21 and haven’t gotten to the numbers that start with 3’s yet…so it’s all just the same to me.  But back to his birthday.  I get all “do you want to have a birthday party Honey?!”  
“Why not?”
“I’m not 12.”
               But there is nothing the man likes more than getting presents.  Lucky for him, there is little I enjoy more, than giving presents.  And I think I nailed it this year. (I hope.)  But considering that he thinks the box that came from Amazon was for him when, in fact, it’s my deodorant – if I let him open that he whatever his real gift is will seem far superior. 

                I also need some serious inspiration on the gym front.  Apparently running one half marathon in your life does not equal skinny for forever.  Which I find to me mildly disappointing and also problematic as I cannot con myself into going to the gym lately.  If anyone has and secrets or bribes.  Let’s hear em.

                I guess that’s all I’ve got going on in my head right this second.  Well I have lots of wedding ideas for Sister and I don’t know how any of you married people pulled of a wedding without Pinterest because really I’m not creative enough to put anything together without help.  Speaking of Pinterest, I’ve become much more selective of who I follow back as the general population gets involved here.  So much irresponsible pinning going on right now.  I miss the days when it was just me and like seven of my friends, pinning a few recipes and outfits and quotes.  Good times.  I also miss the days when Facebook didn’t throw all of my 2007 life in my face and be all ‘here remember college?’  Um.  Where did that come from?  And who are these people I apparently used to have inside jokes with since they’re writing on my wall?  I also miss the days when it was a “wall” and not a “timeline.”  And I don’t have a picture for that top part so my page looks stupid.

                Well this is what happens when you don’t want to pay $9.95 to read Facebook and play on Pinterest for two hours in an airplane and don’t feel like doing what you are supposed to be doing (homework.)  Anyone want to bet how much trouble I’ll have writing a comparable 900 words for that assignment as I have written here in a half an hour?  Sorry for anyone who is still reading.  I’m done now.

PS. Why are planes so freezing??

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The *New* Office

                A lot has happened since I stopped writing.  Last I left off I’d just gotten a new J-O-B. This is where I’d like to discuss the difference between corporate America and a small company.

                I am, in my opinion, a small company kind of girl. I grew up in a small town, I went to a small high school, and I chose a small college because big schools scared me.  And then I jumped into big ol’ corporate America.  Hung out there for four-ish years and then I needed to get the crap out. 

                Things I learned about small offices:

1.       You can’t use the Keurig and the microwave at the same time.
a.       The key that unlocks the front door also unlocks the utility closet where the circuit breaker is.
2.       Getting hungry at 3pm is worse when there is no vending machine on site.
3.       Can we get two “WOOTs” for a small parking lot and short walks in the cold?
4.       Hooray for my own office with a view of the pond and the geese and the deer.
a.       Boo for the people in the other office who bring their dogs to work and let them out in front of my window.
5.       Yay for Christmas parties in Boston with delicious dinners.
a.       Yay for not having to fly out the next morning wholeentireday, giving ourselves time to sightsee recover
6.       My Boss complimented my work.  I couldn’t even remember what that sounded like.
7.       The thermostat is conveniently located close to my office door.
8.       My office came supplied with speakers – oh sure I’ll listen to SiriusXM all day long.  If you insist.
9.       This new job put a bright spot on an otherwise less than awesome year for us.
10.   Apparently it’s up to me or my boss (she’s shorter than me) to lift the five gallon jug of water into the cooler.
11.   The bathroom sitch – much improved.  Can we say sharing three stalls with like 50 women is theworstthingever?
12.   I only have to talk to like two people every day. *heaven*

Some people (my boyfriend) write off small companies.  I say the benefits seem to outweigh the disadvantages. This is a preliminary decision but stay tuned,  I’m willing to report back any and all compliments and parties from the new company.

Now…what to do with these empty white walls?

If only I could paint.