Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Revisiting Day 8 - Because Apparently Someone Forgot

                Soooo…remember when I specifically said, first and foremost, before getting eaten by sharks or using a supermarket pen, I AM AFRAID OF HEIGHTS.  You do?  Thank you for paying attention.  Apparently Boyfriend needs to print out my blog posts. Or. Start listening when I say things. And I say a lot of things. I’ll accept either.

                Just in case he chooses the former I may even buy him a nice highlighter set for his stocking this Christmas so he can note the extra important things.

                We leave for Las Vegas on Thursday night. (yaaaay.)  I am pumped for 85 degrees, pools, winning a million dollars, the Bellagio Fountains, and meeting Bradley Cooper and the rest of the Hangover gang.  What? They’re not always there? 

                Now, like I said,Boyfriend has been there at least a million times visiting his fam.  So he is playing tour guide.  And he sends me this link yesterday.  http://www.stratospherehotel.com/Tower/Rides  He then says “we’re doing all three rides.”

                I open it and read the tagline: “Vegas without a net.”

Me: …  
Me: No.
Him: Yes we are. I have the whole thing planned out.
Me: Not going to happen…pal.
Him: It’s a must-do for tourists.
Me(Reading more of the site that says “Are you a thrill seeker or a bystander"):  I’m a bystander.
Him: You’ll be a different person after.
Me: The kind of person who needs Xanax to cross the street for the rest of her life?
Him: There’s a bar up there. You’ll be fine.
Me: I hope I throw up in your face.
Me: If you’re sleeping in the parking garage no one is going to feel bad for you – it will be your own fault.
Him: We’re doing all three.

                After further review. I can. not. for the life of me, figure out how someone, anyone, let alone the man who knows me best, would open that particular link and thinks “Oh Rach is going to LOVE this!” 

               I seriously have sweaty palms and my heart is pounding just telling you about the thought of being dragged up that high.  Also, if. IF. I was to agree to this, against my better judgement, and only after writing an updated will, I got on ONE of those rides.  What are the odds I get on TWO more?  One co-worker reviewed his recent experience on them as “the most scared he’s been in his whole entire life.” Then proceeded to tell me “You have to do it.” 


Have you guys been on it?  Will I live to talk about it?  Can you think of a million other things I should do with my time and money that do not involve me leaving the ground.  You know.  High aversion to risk and all.  Please let me know.  Like before I leave Thursday – I will need alternative suggestions, ideally nowhere near this tower of terror.

PS. If I do manage to  make it home alive.  My bestie gave me a camera.  And I’ve never owned one before.  And Boyfriend hates pictures.  So I told him we’re only taking pictures of our faces. And kissing.  And he is not happy about it.  But I will have pictures.  For you.  That is, if I live.  Send me your ideaaaaas. Or your Xanax. Thanks.

Oh hey look - the opposite of FUN.


  1. I've never done it. Andy is scared, even if I've pouted about it. If you do it, color me jealous.

  2. ANYTHING which means being more than 2metres off the ground is out! nein, nada, NO!!