Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The *New* Office

                A lot has happened since I stopped writing.  Last I left off I’d just gotten a new J-O-B. This is where I’d like to discuss the difference between corporate America and a small company.

                I am, in my opinion, a small company kind of girl. I grew up in a small town, I went to a small high school, and I chose a small college because big schools scared me.  And then I jumped into big ol’ corporate America.  Hung out there for four-ish years and then I needed to get the crap out. 

                Things I learned about small offices:

1.       You can’t use the Keurig and the microwave at the same time.
a.       The key that unlocks the front door also unlocks the utility closet where the circuit breaker is.
2.       Getting hungry at 3pm is worse when there is no vending machine on site.
3.       Can we get two “WOOTs” for a small parking lot and short walks in the cold?
4.       Hooray for my own office with a view of the pond and the geese and the deer.
a.       Boo for the people in the other office who bring their dogs to work and let them out in front of my window.
5.       Yay for Christmas parties in Boston with delicious dinners.
a.       Yay for not having to fly out the next morning wholeentireday, giving ourselves time to sightsee recover
6.       My Boss complimented my work.  I couldn’t even remember what that sounded like.
7.       The thermostat is conveniently located close to my office door.
8.       My office came supplied with speakers – oh sure I’ll listen to SiriusXM all day long.  If you insist.
9.       This new job put a bright spot on an otherwise less than awesome year for us.
10.   Apparently it’s up to me or my boss (she’s shorter than me) to lift the five gallon jug of water into the cooler.
11.   The bathroom sitch – much improved.  Can we say sharing three stalls with like 50 women is theworstthingever?
12.   I only have to talk to like two people every day. *heaven*

Some people (my boyfriend) write off small companies.  I say the benefits seem to outweigh the disadvantages. This is a preliminary decision but stay tuned,  I’m willing to report back any and all compliments and parties from the new company.

Now…what to do with these empty white walls?

If only I could paint.


  1. I'm so glad you're happy....but, should I take offense to #6? ;)

  2. @Shannon - you were the best boss ever. What I was merely implying was that I hadn't worked for you in SOOO long. Heh.

  3. Hahaha, I was just messing with you. I'm glad I stopped back here. Your "you might also like" sent me to your blog titled Meet and Greet and I got to ogle your niece again!